Irlanda Italiana Cultural Association (IICA) is a non-profit organisation founded in October 2011 in Cork by a group of Italian friends. The association uses a mixture of native Italians along with Irish enthusiasts, to share and promote some of Italy’s best known culture and traditions amongst the Irish community. We hope to strengthen the relationship between our two beautiful countries, to be available to Italians and Irish people alike as they strive to learn more about each other communities and perhaps even to tempt some people to visit “Il Bel Paese”!

Our association was officially launched in late 2011. The opening ceremony, held in collaboration with the Italian Department in UCC, took place on the 15th of December in University College Cork’s Aula Maxima. The evening included an Italian food and wine event, all the people who attended the event, had the chance to deepen their knowledge of the extraordinary richness and variety of Italy’s 20 regions and taste traditional Italian food.

Our second event took place on February 18th 2012 in the Triskel Arts Centre in Cork. Irlanda Italiana celebrated the world famous tradition of The Italian Carnival. This event brought large crowds of Irish and Italian enthusiasts all eager to enjoy one of Italy’s best known celebrations. Families and children all got involved and we began to experience first hand the role our association could play in bringing our communities together.

Members of Irlanda Italiana took part in the 2012 Cork St. Patrick’s Parade.

On the 31st March 2012 our Cultural Association in collaboration with the Triskel Arts Centre in Cork organised its first  Italian film event to promote Italian culture through the “seventh art”.  Italy on-screen has now become a regular feature on our calendar year.

On June 15th 2012, Irlanda Italiana had the honour of being appointed as the first Italian cultural association in Ireland by the Italian ambassador Maurizio Zanini in Dublin.

The first Italian/Irish Arts, Crafts & Food market took place in the Unitarian Church in Cork on the 25th and 26th August 2012.

Every month, during our Literary café gatherings, we give our members a chance to share ideas on the Association’s future activities over a nice cup of tea/coffee, to chat in English or in Italian with other members of the association and to rent Italian books and DVDs (with English subtitles) free of charge!

On December 6th 2012 Irlanda Italiana celebrated its First year’s activities at the Scala Conference Centre in Blackrock, Cork.

During 2013 Irlanda Italiana will extend the promotion of Italian culture in Ireland by organising various events through the city and country. Such events will include live music and theatre performances, film screenings, arts & crafts markets, photographic exhibitions, gastronomic events and much more.

Our latest venture consists of a series of talks relating to the various regions of our “Bel Paese”! These events take place every month in the City library in the Grand Parade Cork and involve Italians native to these regions, speaking about the sights, traditions and delights of their homeland.