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Il Giro d’Italia is coming to Ireland!

Another good reason to be happy to  be Italian and Irish!!! 

GIRO D'ITALIA 2014The Grande Partenza or ‘Big Start’ of the Giro d’Italia will take place over three days from 9 – 11 May 2014 and involves routes in Belfast, around the stunning Giant’s Causeway  and Armagh before finishing in Dublin.

Italy’s celebrated Tifosi – the passionate Italian cycling fans –   will be there, along with thousands more cycling enthusiasts from across the globe, to see which rider will earn the honour of wearing the Giro’s iconic Maglia Rosa (Pink Jersey). The color pink was chosen because La Gazzetta dello Sport,  the sports newspaper that created the Giro, is printed on pink paper.

 About the Giro d’Italia

First held in 1909, the Giro d’Italia is a long distance road bicycle stage race held for professional cyclists over a three-week period in May and June annually. In 1987 Stephen Roche became the first cyclist from Ireland to win the Giro.  He went on to achieve the ‘Triple Crown’, which also includes the Tour de France and Road World Cycling Championship in that year. 

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