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Come down and meet Irlanda Italiana in Dublin. We talk about Tuscany!

966767_552116318208375_1602415447_oIrlanda Italiana in association with Italian Institute of Culture, Dublin

Invite all lovers of Italy to its first event in Dublin!

 …after the successful series of talks “Discovering a charming Italy”, held in  Cork throughout 2013.

This evening event is dedicated to one of Italy’s best-loved

regions: Tuscany

 Tuscany combines beautiful countryside reminiscent of the landscapes of  Renaissance masterpieces, a rich artistic heritage including exquisite art  and architecture, a glorious history, excellent wines and delicious food.

 To hear more about this magic place be @ the Italian Institute of  Culture (11, Fitzwilliam Square East, Dublin 2)

 on Thursday, 21st of November at 7pm.

There will be wine and olive oil tasting (organic Tuscan products) and a mini-buffet with traditional regional products.

***Admission free***




Whilst waiting for the event, enjoy a nice poem on Tuscany…

An Evening Walk In Tuscany.

I walked from the big house to the villas
In the cool of the late tuscan night
I smelt wheat grass and orange blossom
I heard owls and night birds
And rustling in the grass
I saw twinkling lights on distant hills
I felt a thousand years press against my throat
I took the shy silence
Deep into my mouth and ate it
I sensed the dust of a summer night
Felt it envelop and Tusconise me
And I wished I could have remained 
In this cool scented darkness
Far away from the conversations
That these days I am forced to have
I would have liked to have turned
Purposely off this road
Plunged straight into that thicket
And become a wild boar, a springing deer
Maybe a rabbit or jumping hare
With beautifully less to think of
Alas up ahead lay my reception
And I braced, sucking in the last of the air
And spat 
Into the night dust. 


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