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Luca Parmitano “goes for a walk”- Luca is Italy’s first astronaut to walk in space!!!

Luca Parmitano strode into Italian space history Tuesday -9th of July 2013– when he became the first astronaut from Galileo’s homeland to walk in space. The 36-year-old Sicilian, the youngest person to be given a long-duration assignment on the International Space Station (ISS), was keenly watched on a live video link from the Italian Space Agency (ASI) near Rome as he took the first of Italy’s steps in a joint programme between the European Space Agency (ESA), NASA and the Russian space agency.

Go, Luca go!  Parmitano’s achievement is a real landmark for Italian space activity. In addition to Italy’s flag, Parmitano is also outfitted for the spacewalk with ASI’s logo, which is printed on the cover of his wrist-strapped checklist. Parmitano’s mission for the ASI on the space station couldn’t have a more upbeat Italian name: ‘Volare’ — “to fly” in Italian; mission named after the world-famous 1958 song by Domenico Modugno.

In preparation for his historic Italian spacewalk, Luca shared a taste of his home country with his crewmates in the form of specially-prepared space food. Italian chefs have prepared and carefully dehydrated everything from lasagne to tiramisu’, eggplant parmigiana, pesto risotto and mushroom risotto. Sealed in aluminium bags, the Italian food reached the space station before Parmitano. “Being Italian, I have a very special relationship with the culinary arts,”Parmitano explained in an interview earlier this year,” one of my projects was to share Italian cultural food with my colleagues.”



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