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Mount Etna proclaimed UNESCO World Heritage site

A spectacular eruption of her majesty Mount Etna

A spectacular eruption of her majesty Mount Etna

On Friday 21st of June – Sicily’s Mount Etna was proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage site making it the fourth approved in the country for its natural criteria.

Mount Etna is the most active and the highest volcano in Europe, one of the largest and active in the world. It has erupted many times in human history; its intense and persistent volcanic activity is at the base of myths, legends and naturalistic observation since classic times. Consequently Mount Etna has been known, studied and visited by innumerable scientists and tourists from all around the world. Mount Etna is globally recognized on the basis of its notoriety, scientific importance, cultural and educational value, superlative natural phenomena and exceptional aesthetic importance as iconic volcanic site.

Currently Italy is the country that has the largest number of World Heritage sites, with 48 totals included in the UNESCO list comprehensive of cultural and natural attractions.

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