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Summer has finally arrived and we are all getting closer to holiday time!

Have you already packed your bags? Don’t forget to bring a nice Italian book and a good Italian film with you to enjoy while sipping a glass of vino!!

Irlanda Italiana is here to help!!

Members of our association are invited to join us in our

Literary Café” on Monday 17th of June

at the Roundy Bar

 1 Castle Street, Cork

from 6.30pm to 7.30pm Screenshot_2013-06-04-21-23-23-1

   See you there!

   Slán go fóill


Members of Irlanda Italiana enjoying an "Italian Spritz" at  the Roundy Pub

Members of Irlanda Italiana enjoying an “Italian Spritz” at the Roundy Pub

Our corner for a "chiacchierata"  in Italian

Our corner for a “chiacchierata” in Italian

Members of Irlanda Italiana at the Roundy Pub, Cork

Members of Irlanda Italiana at the Roundy Pub, Cork      Have a look at this blog and read what they say about us


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