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25 Aprile – La Festa della Liberazione

25th of April or “Festa della liberazione” is “Italy’s day of liberation” from fascism and the German occupation.

It’s a national holiday in Italy, the day will be marked with both commemoration and celebration – from solemn ceremonies of remembrance to parades, speeches and open air concerts in Italy’s piazzas. Every event on the day of liberation is dedicated to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of our nation.

25th April 1945 was decided on as the Italian “D-Day”, it marks the end of almost two years of ferocious civil war and foreign occupation in Italy. Numerous groups of resistance fighters, “I Partigiani” were formed in the occupied areas, and the German and fascist position was gradually weakened by guerrilla warfare, in preparation for the long-awaited Allied surge.

On the day of Liberation day In Italy, in every corner of Italian streets you can hear the song ‘Bella Ciao’. Every line of this song reminds about the soldiers who were responsible in throwing Mussolini and his fascist regime into defeat.


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